That One Time Solange Knowles Broke the Internet and Showed who Run the World :)

image Solange Knowles.  Just broke the fucking internet. This skinny black chick WITHOUT A HUGE BACKSIDE just ‘out-Kimed’ Kim Kardashian West.


Who said you need a big butt to “break the internet”? Solange Knowles just did that with her über cool, super fun, and wonderfully creative wedding. The classy unique outfits (she wore a caped pantsuit, for Chrissake!), The Bicycle Ride Entrance; that Soul- Touching Dance Off with her son instead of the ‘Traditional First Dance’ with her Dad; and that “Run the World” Pose with her Bridesmaids all in white, just made me swoon and make me wanna run to the freaking altar myself, if I could just get married #SolangeStyle. And ain’t that a contradiction, considering I’m the ultimate believer in cherishing my wardrobe space, living in the moment, being free, and indulging in self expression. Lol.


But seriously, Solange’s wedding for me is the ish. If Beyoncé sometimes appears too perfect, too controlled, almost plastic a la a certain Kate Middleton, then for me Solange and her wedding spells… Girl Power. Real-ness. Being rooted in reality and true to your soul. Being unapologetic for your Bad-Assed-Ness. Like TI rapped with Rihanna in ‘Live Your Life’, Solange is aware of the game, alright, but not in love with all of it. She’s not your typical Black Barbie, this Solange babe. I like that she’s feisty (ask JayZ, if you think I’m lying) but she’s not too rude Gyal like Rihanna. (I don tire Rihanna shock antics sometimes). I love that she sported a humongous Afro for her wedding. I love that she wore a Caped Pantsuit. Girl looked Haute. No Fashion Victim-ness here (Please look to the Kim Kardashian seriously OTT wedding if that’s whatchu looking for). Solange genuinely looked like she was in the moment of her wedding, freeing her mind and just having fun with it. Even Beyoncé kinda bowed down to her in one of the pics. (See below).


She didn’t have her wedding in any of the hot and trendy Destinations Du Jours – Californian Vineyards, Kentucky Plantations, Versailles Palace, Florentine Castles, East Coast hotspots like the Hamptons. Hell Naww… Solange crunked it up in the hot and sweaty south. New Orleans Baby! You just know that she served Gumbo and maybe some Okra at that wedding 😉


And there’s a theme that I quite like about Solange’s wedding. Redemption. 2nd chances at Love. Solange was a pregnant teen mom who had a shotgun first wedding to spare her Momma’s blushes. But she made good. I mean sure, she has the Superstar Sis and Ms. Tina’s help. But it can’t have been easy to be pregnant at that age, have a child, hold your ish together, and figure out a way to carve your own identity and niche away from the sometimes (ahem, always) in-your-face Beyoncé. But she’s done it. She’s not just some pregnant teen mom riding her sister Beyonce’s coat tails, she’s forged a highly successful career of her own (as a musician, as a DJ, model and fashion muse), and somewhere along the line, she’s found lasting love again to form her own #PowerCouple. How awesome is that?


I think there’s a 21st century morality tale in there somewhere. Listen up girls, not all of you are going to down the traditionally accepted path of decent A-Level grades, Good Uni, Great Job, Marriage to some Nice Guy who just happens to be a hotshot investment banker, and then little cute munchkins, with a flat in the city and a house in the country and maybe a housekeeper, nanny and cleaner thrown in for good measure. Some girls are going to have a slightly rockier path. It’s not going to be cookie cutter perfection. It’s going to involve teen pregnancies, drug abuse, single mom jazz, alcohol abuse, council housing and deadbeat guys. But you can escape that, you too can be successful through legal means, if you have enough grit and determination. Don’t settle for Average and subject your child to a life of missed opportunities. ‘Tis hard, but You must need to want to escape the drudgery of your life, and you need to be Inspired. Be Inspired by Solange. (Just don’t go slapping Jay Z in some elevator or your ass will end up in jail. I said BE INSPIRED BY Solange. Don’t go out there and be a ‘wannabe Solange’. You are not Solange, and if your name is not Solange and you slap Jay Z, you will end up in jail, with all the Plebs).


So yeah… In case you didn’t QUITE realise… I loved Solange’s wedding. All of it. Consider me a Solange Groupie this week.




P.s. – Ok maybe the one thing I was a little bit…. hmm… about… Where was Matthew Knowles? Dunno what’s gone down there, but unless your Dad is a mass murderer or rapist, or never looked after you, I don’t understand why you won’t like, invite his old bones to your wedding. I get #DaddyIssues but he doesn’t have to walk you down the aisle, just attend as a guest… Forgive and forget and all that jazz.



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