Lights will guide me home… All roads lead to Somanya

Djaba Road

It took my sister, Nana Dede, to remind me the other day the fun I used to have being naughty and winding my Dad up! Stealing slices of his beloved pineapple from the fridge, and disrupting his enjoyment of the 7 O’ Clock news, or chatting incessantly (about anything and everything) in the car when he picked us up from school. Nene, his youngest was his favourite, so I guess I felt had to rebel somehow! Hehehe. Growing up, I heard Daddy mutter the words, “I’ll see you in Court” so often, that I always said I wanted to be a lawyer! I soon realised Law wasn’t for me and switched to Politics, my father’s other great love.

The 20th child of 22 kids! Ours was a very unusual family set-up, but it was all I knew. Today, as I reflect back on the sands of time and aspects of my fathers’ legacy, I still hear the “tap, tap” sound of Daddy’s typewriter, churning out long windy letters and voicing his opinions on matters of the day. And I realise, Daddy, you still live on… Through your children and the qualities they inherited from you. My tenacity, temerity, strength of will, interest in Politics & Current affairs, are all traits I inherited from you and have stood me in good stead in life. For that Daddy, I thank you and thank the Good Lord for your life.

May you rest in Perfect Peace Daddy, xxx

P.s. I don’t think I will eat pineapple or see Badedas without thinking of you… Oh and I still wind Daniel up on car journeys! The legacy of Henry K. Djaba remains… always



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