Brainy is the New Sexy :)

I am “Sherlocked”. For those not in the know – that means I got introduced to the BBC’s new Sherlock series last night, and I am now wondering which particular rock I was hiding under last year to miss the awesome brilliance of the first series! Ooh la la! Running to iTunes now to go download the first series (in HD 0f course, dah-ling! The razor-sharp script, forensics and wit simply cannot be watched in anything else ūüôā )

So I definitely see the appeal of Sherlock, esp. to English viewers –¬† there is something¬†undeniably¬†attractive about a man who is so cerebral, that every day with him is one of discovery and forces a woman to examine the countless myriad of ways in which the world can be one of ¬†joyous intrigue. Where the appeal falls flat for me with Sherlock is ¬†the fact that he has the social skills and emotional connectivity of ¬†a clam. Being African, I revel in the gregarious and the earthy. I’ve dated all types – the dark and mysterious; the resident bad boy; the person who made thoughts of the kamasutra flash before my sight the minute we met;¬†the safe guy from a “good family” that your Momma loves and verbally kicks your ass every day for dumping- but the ones who made me feel so hot and make me truly imagine the fantasy of the white picket fence, are the guys combined cerebral with earthy;¬†keen observation and ruthless logic with gregariousness; entrepreneurial with loud, sharp wittedness.The problem with me and those guys is other women have also found some, if not all of those qualities¬†attractive¬†as well, and they haven’t had the essence of mind to resist the lure of the challenge of another woman’s ahem.. pleasure ūüė¶

But still… even knowing what I now do, I can’t regret the experiences we’ve shared, the joys I have known and the sense of wonder and excitement I always felt when I was with these potential heartbeat destroyers ūüôā

Today, at an age when most of my contemporaries are¬†married¬†and preparing to raise their own little ones, I’m still refusing to compromise on my ideal.¬†I realise that the two parts of me have me have finally come together.. The so-called “posh West London girl” and the deeply inherent African woman, who understands the significance, and sometimes¬† the burdensome package of her heritage.

I’m the girl who travels… who’s chosen a life of uncertainity, who doesn’t have a plan. I’m a pretty great dancer (some might say chancer!)- but to the beat of my own drum, going with the flow and following my heart. Because somewehere along this crazy and exciting path called life, I’ve learnt that the journey is the adventure, not the destination. #NoRegrets